All members must register annually with THSBOA.

Dues are $90 annually. However, the THSBOA offers an early registration discounted fee ($60) for those registering before July 1st.  However, all THSBOA members must also be a member in good standing of any of our 28 local chapters.  Those chapters are listed under the Chapters link on this site.

It is important that new members contact local associations before registering with THSBOA.  Some local chapters require new members to attend a pre-season training program as a requirement for local membership.  And, in some cases, chapters may not allow new members after a certain date. During the registration process, members must submit to a criminal background check, and agree to follow THSBOA and UIL policies.  Members are also registering with the UIL Office of Sports Officials.

Benefits of THSBOA membership include education materials (rule books, mechanics manuals, NFHS Pre-Season Guides, additional education materials), NFHS Insurance, Arbiter access (testing, etc.), and support from the THSBOA.